We Swift is one of the first sites dedicated to the Swift programming language. We launched only a few hours after Swift was anounced. Since then our little corner of the internet was visited by over 1 million people eager to learn swift.


Thousands of swifters learned to flap their wings here


We believe that education should be free. Unfortunately that’s not how the world works. We try to do the next best thing and make most of our content available online for free. As a result at least 100.000 people have learned to code on We Swift and many more have spent a few hours on the site reading different tutorials and articles.


More than just tutorials


We have big plans for the future, for example we starting testing our swift sandbox, a live coding environment similar to Apple’s Playgrounds. In the first month there were over 100.000 swift runs! We want to help people make awesome online interactive tutorials for swift. It will work similar to jsfiddle for javascript.


We are dependend on the support we receive!


A big part of what keeps We Swift going is the money we receive from people who just want to support us. Thank you!


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You get to help us help thousands people learn Swift and you get full access to all our books and programming exercises.


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