​The last integration you will ever do

You’ve probably integrated a handful of analytics and marketing tools for your marketing team, when you really just wanted to ship product. And there will always be new tools that they want to try and, therefore, need your help implementing. Don’t worry—there is a better way.

One API to rule them all

Segment is a single API that collects your customer data and routes it to over 200 different marketing, analytics, and data warehousing services. With an iOS library (as well as libraries in your favorite server-side languages), you can now implement Segment once, and your marketing folks can enable and disable different integrations as easily as copying over their credentials. Write once, send everywhere.

Sign up today

They have a free plan and a collection of tutorials on their site on how to integrate segment on any platform. They even have resources for how to grow your business and acquire loyal users. Try it out today so you can get back to shipping product.

Learn more

In case you want to learn more about how Segment can help your business you can get in touch with the team and request a demo. You can also find out more at Segment.com.

Still reading and want to watch a video about Segment?

For examples of how their customers successfully saved engineering resources and moved faster, check out  Instacart and New Relic.


This article was sponsored by Segment.com via Syndicate Ads.

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