How to open the Exercise Platform

Don’t worry! Its just a default setting on your mac.

There is a known issue – the app only works if you install it in the Applications folder.

OS X has a feature called Gatekeeper that prevents apps outside of the App Store to be open by default. Gatekeeper has 3 options:

  • open only apps from the App Store
  • open apps from the App Store and apps that come from registered developers
  • open all apps

The Exercise Platform isn’t distributed via the app store so you will need to switch to the second option.

You can read more about it on Apple’s support page.

1. Open Gatekeeper Options

You can find them in System Preferences > Security & Privacy in the General tab.

lockedIf you see a closed lock – click it to be able to make changes.

A dialog will appear requiring your password:



2.Allow apps from identified developers:


3. Have fun!

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 2.20.36 AM


Still can’t open the app?

You can bypass Gatekeeper by right clicking on the app and then selecting Open.



Or by clicking Open Anyway in the Gatekeeper options.



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