Nobody’s Decision

Dr. Nobody is a bit confused about not being able to remember the past and the fact that he can see the future. You are given an array containing pairs of decisions he has to make and choices he can take throughout his life. Help Dr. Nobody by counting the number of decisions, the number of choices, the number of possible outcomes and printing them.



let life = [("Who will you go with?", ["mother", "father"]), ("Who will you marry?", ["Anna", "Elise", "Jean"])]

Expected value/output:

decisions = 2
choices = 5
outcomes = 6


The number of decisions is the number of elements in the array. The number of choices is the sum of the number of elements contained in the arrays inside the tuples. The number of outcomes is their product.


let life = [("Who will you go with?", ["mother", "father"]), ("Who will you marry?", ["Anna", "Elise", "Jean"])]

func numDecisions(_ life : [(String, [String])]) -> Int {
    var decisions : Int = life.count
    return decisions

func numChoices(_ life : [(String, [String])]) -> Int {
    var choices : Int = 0
    for decision in life {
        choices += decision.1.count
    return choices

func numOutcomes(_ life : [(String, [String])]) -> Int {
    var outcomes : Int = 1
    for decision in life {
        outcomes *= decision.1.count
    return outcomes

var decisions = numDecisions(life)
var choices = numChoices(life)
var outcomes = numOutcomes(life)

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