We Swift is one of the first sites dedicated to the Swift programming language and iOS. Here you will find fun articles, resources you will need to learn Swift and challenges that will help you practice your skills. A few hours after Swift was announced at the 2014 WWDC, we already had one of the first Swift blog posts: How to make a simple tableview with iOS 8 and Swift. Our articles were read by over 100.000 people in the first month after launch. We are really excited to see the massive number of people interested in learning Swift – and the community is growing. Already there are over 100.000 Swift repositories on github! We want to help as many people as possible to learn Swift and iOS development.


Andrei Puni

Andrei started programming when he was 10, after training for four years he won a bronze medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics in 2009. In the last years he has worked as an iOS developer for local companies and as a consultant.

Catalin started learning algorithms 10 years ago and he won a bronze medal at the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics in 2009. He got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Jacobs University Bremen and has been studying image processing and machine learning, both in an academic environment and by working at a research institute for medical image analysis. His last job was at Microsoft in the OneNote team (Jan 2015 – Sept 2016).

Robert is studying computer science at Babes Bolyai University. He is currently mastering his algorithmic skills and helping us add more exercises on the online platform.

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    • Hi! This is an example project.
      This is the main part of converting a view to an image:

      extension UIView {
      func toImage() -> UIImage {
      UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(bounds.size, opaque, 0.0)

      var image = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext()


      return image

  1. Tried to donate but Paypal says can’t complete because one of you is not able to take funds at present??

  2. Hi,
    I’ve nearly completed the learn swift from scratch tutorial and I want to know where I would go from here to actually applying this to making an app? How can I learn to make an app using the logic I learnt? I want to make a relatively simple app and not a game. Cheers a lot :)

  3. Hello Guys,

    I wanted to find out if you will be progressing with your swift app?

    Kind Regards,
    Antonin Fujera

    • We finished the core part or the technology that let’s us evaluate problems – all problem types are supported now. This is a big step. We have integrated about half of the problems from the book into the app. Currently we are preparing to launch a private beta for the people who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign. The app should be finished by the end of March.

      This is a quick list of the things we need to do in order to finish the app:
      – integrate the rest of the problems (~60 problems left)
      – upgrade the UI of the playground interface
      – add achievements
      – figure out what we did wrong with auto updates configuration

  4. I just downloaded and tried to run the Swift Programming From Scratch DEMO, and when it first ran it showed an error dialog that said that I have “an older version of xcode”! I have Xcode Version 7.0 beta (7A120f) installed!

    So something needs fixing . . . :-) Good luck, and please let me know if I can help by testing stuff for ya’

  5. Hey! Great work on the posts I’ve read so far on your website!

    One question though: I’ve always sucked at math, in fact I have graduated Social Studies at University but I am really interested in learning iOS Development. I have no Algorithms knowledge nor discrete math / math skills at all.

    Are there any chances for me to actually become a developer with no math skills what so ever?

    Please be honest :P

  6. Just ordered your app and book, but when I try to complete the exercises the Submit button hangs. I’m running Xcode 8 beta. Should I downgrade?

  7. hey! just wanted to confirm that pre-ordering the new book gets us the Swift Programming from Scratch book and app? just tried the demo and it’s so much better than all the video tutorials out there! thanks :)

    • Still around. It’s only me. I became a dad about year ago. It’s been a really hard time. And I’ve had to work on other projects as well.
      Sorry for not posting more often! I’m working on finding more people to work with. Things should change here soon.

  8. Purchased the book and program today. Is there still an issue with Xcode 8? I have Xcode 8 (8A218a) and when submitting the answers to the exercises, it freezes and just keeps loading. Thanks.


  9. Hi Guys,

    I just wanted to let you know your project is amazing, I completely love it!

    Keep up the good work, I’m really excited and looking forward to what you’ll bring next!

    Sunteţi foarte tari! ❤

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