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A few hours after Swift was announced at the 2014 WWDC, we already had one of the first Swift blog posts: How to make a simple tableview with iOS 8 and Swift. Our articles were read by over 100.000 people in the first month after launch.

We are really excited to see the massive number of people interested in learning Swift. Already there are over 100.000 Swift repositories on github!


iOS Spellbook Part I: Fundamentals

Yes, you have the Fundamentals ready for download starting Today! Months of research and re-write/compile are condensed in a little more over 250 pages. It’s up to you how fast you’ll become an Expert iOS Developer after reading the iOS Spellbook, but our book will deliver the most relevant content so you will do the 20% work to achieve the…


Brain Warmers – Part 1

  Although reading the theory behind algorithms helps, you will gain the most if you combine it with working on your practical skills. Solving many easy exercises will build up your reflexes. Algorithmic thinking, just like movement in sports, requires you to master certain shortcuts for acting faster. The only difference is that they happen at a higher level of…


Combining Colors

Ever wanted that color but a bit darker? Or to combine one color with another? That’s what we’ll learn to do now What is color to a computer? The color of a pixel is described by the amount of red, green and blue light it emits. In case you didn’t already know there are thousands of tiny colored lights/LEDs on…


Firebase 101

  Why firebase? Making a stand alone application is fun, we developers have access to a rich API provided from Apple to make beautiful design and intricate, elegant logic. However, for a modern app a way to persist data outside the actual device is needed. Devices get lost or broken, apps can be uninstalled and so on. No developer wants…


The Exercise Platform is available online!

The exercise platform behind our Swift Programming from Scratch macOS training app is now available online.       +     Subscribe now and get full access to our online exercise platform +  the PDF and ePub versions of the book! Swift Programming from Scratch  Each chapter has two sections: the first one has a bit of theory and the second has…


We started testing our Swift Sandbox!

After a few months of work we can proudly present our Swift Sandbox that let’s you run swift code directly in the browser:     Training App Our Swift Programming from Scratch  training app is accessible online because of this! The first two chapters (Chapter 1: First Steps, Chapter 2: Conditionals) have the training app enabled for all exercises (available for free). Embedding the Swift Sandbox…

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 21.46.35

π day: rainbow hex grid

Today is π day so I decided to share a bit of my love for math. We are going to briefly revisit the sine and cosine function do some magic and then make an awesome rainbow hex grid. Sine and Cosine are so round Everybody knows about π because of circles. The circumference of a circle of radius R is…

R1B2 copy

Adding lots of functions

I recently started working on a medical research project for hemophilia. I dreamed about working on projects that have a big impact but never thought that the opportunity will come so fast! Thank you Apple for releasing ReseachKit! A bit about Hemophilia Hemophilia is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impairs the body’s ability to control blood clotting. There…

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