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A few hours after Swift was announced at the 2014 WWDC, we already had one of the first Swift blog posts: How to make a simple tableview with iOS 8 and Swift. Our articles were read by over 100.000 people in the first month after launch.

We are really excited to see the massive number of people interested in learning Swift. Already there are over 100.000 Swift repositories on github!


We started testing our Swift Sandbox!

After a few months of work we can proudly present our Swift Sandbox that let’s you run swift code directly in the browser:     Training App Our Swift Programming from Scratch  training app is accessible online because of this! The first two chapters (Chapter 1: First Steps, Chapter 2: Conditionals) have the training app enabled for all exercises (available for free). Embedding the Swift Sandbox…

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 21.46.35

π day: rainbow hex grid

Today is π day so I decided to share a bit of my love for math. We are going to briefly revisit the sine and cosine function do some magic and then make an awesome rainbow hex grid. Sine and Cosine are so round Everybody knows about π because of circles. The circumference of a circle of radius R is…

R1B2 copy

Adding lots of functions

I recently started working on a medical research project for hemophilia. I dreamed about working on projects that have a big impact but never thought that the opportunity will come so fast! Thank you Apple for releasing ReseachKit! A bit about Hemophilia Hemophilia is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impairs the body’s ability to control blood clotting. There…

Getting Started With iOS Programming

DISCLAIMER This tutorial is intended for people who are just starting out with iOS programming. It doesn’t assume any familiarity with Xcode and only assumes basic knowledge of Swift programming and OOP. In this tutorial you’re going to make a tip calculator iOS application. First Steps To follow along with this tutorial you’ll need to have Xcode installed. Xcode is…

Swift 2.0: Challenge Accepted!

The update is published – the price is $25 until 4 Oct then back to $40  Swift 2.0 will be out of beta soon. We are currently working on the update for the Swift Programming from Scratch book and app. We still have issues with a couple exercises in the platform – we like challenges so we are dropping the price by $2…

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Auto Layout 101

A few years ago you might have gotten away without Auto Layout. Now there are a couple of different iPhone sizes and on iPad you can run two apps at the same time. Auto Layout is the way to go! This tutorial will cover the basics of Auto Layout so that you can start using it in your apps. We…

End of Summer Sale

tl;dr If you wanted to try out our Exercise Platform – today is the day! We dropped the price to $5 for the next 24 hours – the price is back to $40 now     +             Please help us spread the word! End of Summer Sale! – We ❤ Swift Click To Tweet     Since we…

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UIView Fundamentals

Every time you look at your iPhone you see UIViews. UIViews everywhere! In this article we are going to see what a UIView can do and how you can use it to make your apps. Views 101 The UIView class defines a rectangular area on the screen on which it shows content. It handles the rendering of any content in…

random names

Random Names using Markov Chains

Introduction In this tutorial we’ll look at generating plausible random names from a list of pre-existing names. We’ll also build a fun little app that lets you generate your Elf / Ninja name. Just generating random characters won’t give us reasonable results. We’ll use a list of preexisting names in order to generate new ones. We’ll take advantage of the…

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